Computers have revolutionised everything from the manufacturing industry to video games. However, computers are not infallible objects. When they do start to go haywire, it can be maddening to try and figure out what is wrong with them. Sometimes the solution is easy and all it requires is an update or a bug cleaned, but other times, nothing you do seems to alleviate the problem. Here are three common problems you simply cannot solve on your own and that require an expert's computer repair skills.

Heat Affected Wiring

Computers generate a lot of heat, especially over a big work session. While the soldering and wiring inside computers are built to withstand a lot of heat eventually some give way and melt or start to malfunction. When that happens your computer will start to behave weirdly and will most likely shut itself down, depending on where the malfunction occurs. This can be very confusing and also quite dangerous as a short-circuited computer can drain more power than it was designed too and blow the fuse in your house. If your computer shuts off the power in your home when you try and use it or simply won't turn it on the take it in for computer repair.

​Computer Slowing Down Noticeably

If your computer begins to slow down without any warning then this could be a problem with the RAM or your motherboard. Many electronic components have a 'use by date' of sorts, after which they begin to deteriorate and there is nothing you can really do to fix them. A common misconception is that this is due to your computer being too full but that generally does not affect performance and you would receive warnings for that. If your computer is noticeably slower than it was before, then ask a computer repair technician if it can be salvaged.

Unusable Due To Pop-Ups And Spam

If your computer has weak firewalls then it could be prone to numerous amounts of malware that can begin to make using your computer impossible. This is not just one or two adds this is when you are getting a new prompt every second or quicker. At that point, there is nothing you can really do to fix it as the malware is embedded quite deep and it requires a computer repair technician who knows how to clean it externally. Don't put it off because this will only get worse the longer you wait.

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