Teenagers often feel pressured to "fit in" with their peers for all the wrong reasons. However, the fact that you've managed to save up a tidy sum for your first laptop is a good enough reason to want to fit in with your friends who all seem to have one.

You want to make sure that you get a laptop that gives value for your hard-saved cash. Here are three things you should know as you plan on making the all-important purchase.

MacBooks Aren't Immune To Malware Attacks

You've probably fancied getting yourself a MacBook. There's nothing wrong with this except that MacBooks are among the most expensive laptops out there, especially the more recent models. Your reason for wanting one of these laptops might be that your friends who have Macs keep bragging about how they don't have to worry about viruses and other types of malware.

Your friends are wrong and so are you if you believe this popular misconception. Type the words "flashback malware" into any search engine and see for yourself.

If immunity to computer viruses is the main reason you desire to own a MacBook, you might want to reconsider.

However, it's worth pointing out that malware attacks are often not as common with Macbooks.

Solid State Drives Are A Good Investment

You're probably familiar with hard disk drives and you'll notice that laptops that feature this type of storage are often cheaper than those that use SSDs.

Before you write-off SSD laptops as being too expensive, consider the advantages that they offer. SSDs look a lot like the memory cards used with digital cameras. Their major advantage over HDDs is that they don't have mobile parts (e.g. spinning magnetic platters and motors). Thus, they don't make as much noise as HDDs when the computer is in use and they often don't get worn out/damaged as fast. They're also known to consume less power, meaning that your laptop will have an improved battery life.

The 3D Effect

You probably want the best gaming experience from the new laptop. Unfortunately, laptops built to support 3D gaming might be well over your budget. You can still get the best gaming experience even with a laptop that's not originally built to support 3D graphics.

You'll only need to buy a separate 3D graphics card and have it installed into the new computer by a professional—a relatively small price to pay for the ultimate gaming experience.

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