Fibre-optic cable internet is fast becoming the best way to maintain high quality, secure data transmission. If your business is still using copper cabling to transmit data, you may be wondering about the benefits of installing fibre-optic data cabling. Below is a brief guide to the advantages of using fibre-optic data cabling.


A major benefit of investing in fibre-optic cabling is that it will significantly increase the bandwidth of your data system. Because copper wiring was originally designed to transmit voice calls, the amount of bandwidth is limited. The increased bandwidth will increase the speed with which you can download and upload information.


Copper data cables can only transmit data so far before the signal degrades. However, because fibre-optic cable uses light to transmit information, it does not degrade over longer distances.


Information security is very important. With copper cabling, it is easy for someone to intercept the data being transmitted by cutting and taping the cable. Fibre optic technology does not radiate signals and is very difficult to tap. If someone cuts the cable in an attempt to access the data being transmitted, the light being used to transmit the signal will leak and the data will be lost. You will also be able to quickly detect if anyone tampers with your data cabling.


Copper data cables can be affected by a wide range of factors such as extreme weather conditions, sudden increases or decreases in temperature and excessive moisture, which can cause a loss of connectivity. Fibre-optic cable is much more resilient to environmental changes and therefore provides a more reliable service. 


Because copper cabling uses an electrical current to transmit data, if the cable becomes damaged it could present a fire hazard. Because fibre-optic cabling uses a beam of light, it does not present a hazard if damaged. The light will simply leak out of the cable presenting no risk to your business or staff.

Cable Size

The speed at which data can be transmitted by copper cables is directly related to the size of the cable used. If you wish to have a high-speed connection using copper cabling, more cable must be used which means you must dedicate more room to housing telecommunications within your office. Because the speed of fibre-optic data is not related to the size of the cable, it requires less space to install and use.

For more information about installing fibre-optic cabling in your workplace, contact a data cable company.